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Since I took your class last year, I’ve been faithfully working on integrating Gokhale Method into my life.  It has made such a huge difference in my back pain and mobility!  I really feel like I got a new lease on life.  I’ve been weeding the garden, which I couldn’t do at all last year!  Thanks again so very much.  You’re a fantastic teacher, and the Gokhale Method is wonderful!!”  Amy Staffen

"Thanks for the notes and thanks for all the movement education! Re-learning how to walk and bend and stand and sit and lie is really helping my enjoyment of simple parts of daily life and feel young."


"I didn't believe my posture needed that much attention - I took the (Gokhale Method Foundations) class for my husband's sake.  Alas, I am reaping huge benefits already!  The before photos of my posture showed that I DID need work, and after 2 classes, I already feel the positive change!  Thank you Cecily!!" Kelly

"I've had perfect Sunday mornings since I joined Cecily’s class at the boathouse. I thoroughly enjoy the yoga itself, and Cecily and the other people in the class, too. I return home feeling limber and strong (and virtuous!) for yet more pleasures: coffee, a late breakfast, newspapers."

Bobbie Johnson

"Cecily is an encouraging, informed and open teacher..."


" are a brilliant teacher."  Mare Chapman

"Cecily's teaching style: sensitive, insightful, focused"

"In working with Cecily I really appreciate the freedom I feel to talk with her about any and all aspects of yoga practice.
Be it breath, muscles, energy, philosophy, movement or meditation, Cecily is fully engaged in mind, body and heart."

Jon Penner

"Yoga is a great addition to my weekly routine and really enhances my all over all body condition which has been filled with problems since I was 17. I wish I would have tried yoga much sooner. Personally I think it should be incorporated into pre row and post row practices especially for older folks who tend to lose their flexibility over time." Casey O'Keefe

"​Cecily has been my favorite yoga instructor for ten years. I’m excited she’s returned to teaching as she is able to combine patience and sensitivity to individual needs with a sound foundation in proper technique. While taking regular classes with her my rowing excelled as did my overall fitness. Most importantly I improved my ability to hold that unique place somewhere just between tension and relaxation that is so necessary to rowing well. She has always taken an interest in my unique needs as a rower. While Carter may have yelled at me many times to 'relax my shoulders at the finish', Cecily showed me how."  Kathryn Pereira

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"Cecily is a gifted yoga guide, articulating the intention, helping us visualize, and demonstrating in a egoless, transparent, but pleasant and caring manner. She offers an extra measure to our boathouse group by helping us understand the anatomical mechanisms at work. She skillfully paces the class so that all may benefit."


"Thanks again for all your help. I've felt a lot more 'aligned' since working with you!​"


"Cecily is enthusiastic, experienced and prepared...."

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